White Elephant 35g

White Elephant 35g

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Strong Indian snuff. White elephant is renowned for it's strength and nicotine level. Experts only! This used to be very scarce and as a result expensive until our intrepid snuff guy tracked down someone to buy it right out of Indian markets. Not kidding.

"Ah the elusive white elephant one of India finest. Catch one if you can they are fun to ride. The nicotine blows you away. It's closest cousin is Dholakia White with similar attitudes. When she grabs you with her trunk and slams you to the ground get back up and show her who's the boss. Since the availability is difficult I only break her out on occasion; to find she has not lost any strength and still has a strong kick.
I was thinking to use as a mixer but that would be sacrilege. Best enjoyed like a fine cognac"

"Oh the mighty Basement_Shaman himself nor Uncle Squinty could not describe this snuff any better than how they already have. It is a FINE grind and I cannot emphasize that enough as to how fine it is. I received it today with nice sized order of seven different kinds of snuff. Tiny pinches... tiny, tiny pinches... go a LONG way with this one.

Flavors are nice although you best be careful what kind of environment you are in or what food is being cooked in the kitchen. At my parents house in the other room next to the kitchen, I took a pinch during the cooking of pork chops and crab Rangoon, all was well at first... until the house started filling with the aroma of the food which I will say this now... did not mix well at all with the scent of this snuff. Need I say it, shrimp gone wrong? Like... very wrong. I am not saying this to trash it because it is a very, very good snuff indeed. Just do not take it right before or after dinner when you are smelling food. For that reason I give it three stars. The fishy smell it does have otherwise is certainly tolerable, but the nicotine is it's saving grace for sure.

It is a very dry possibly the driest snuff I have ever taken. The flavors are mellow as well as a result. It does clump up good, but breaks apart really nicely as well into a fine dust. White snuff is absolutely beautiful and the almost hand-made quality of the tin itself is great. The seal to crack it open was a bit of a mystery at first but I was able to get it out without making a mess. I don't feel the need to decant this snuff as it's lid provides a great seal. It is a VERY difficult snuff to take.

The nicotine hit of the white elephant is not only instant, but it's akin to a hammer straight to the face and a shot straight to the brain. I do not let any of these properties stop me from taking it out and taking a pinch, and it certainly is great for quitting smoking or special occasions. This stuff BURNS! I cut it in with Toque Bourbon in my snuff bottle for excellent effects and flavor. That smokiness and the mixing of the colors is really nice. This is the strongest snuff I have ever experienced thus far and I doubt I will try anything that can come close.

All that being said, with proper respect it deserves, taken occasionally, taken carefully, and according to research it keeps forever, I highly recommend everybody gives this snuff a go at least three times in their life. It doesn't plug you up, and it doesn't trigger a kickback like others do. Hankie use can be rather low with this one and those with a lighter complexion don't have to worry.

Just don't carry this around in a baggie (why would you anyway) or it might get confused, not for cocaine... but some dirtier, more horrible downer substance I hate that I know what said substance looks like. It has been ravaging my age group and home town for years and is literally everywhere being pushed from all directions and is a crying shame. It is one of the reasons this snuff stays home. Makes me glad I never picked up that as an addiction. This would be perfect for traveling with otherwise to keep snuff on the down low as I hate the questions and weird looks.

Pair it with a nice tea, coffee, or a spirit of your choice instead... It might work out well for you! Definitely going to be a morning doozy for me. As a former heavy smoker and I don't intend on replacing one habit for another, this works great at killing my urge to pinch, vape, smoke, or dip anything for hours."

"The hardest punch to the back of the eyes I have ever enjoyed. Not for every day. Buy some now."

"Not the usual snuff. Has a fishy odor, but it grows on you. The strength is the most potent I have experienced. Stronger than Dholkia White in my opinion. This has become one of my favorites. Highly recommended, especially for those who need a strong nicotine hit. It's like a bat to the head."

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