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Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler 10g

Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler 10g

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Bernard Aecht Alt Schmalzler 10g

"Aecht is an antiquated German/Bavarian word for 'genuine' or 'real'. Its almost the equivalent of saying 'Ye Olde' in English. 'Altbayerischer' means 'Old Bavarian'. So you get the general idea, its the real old fashioned Bavarian schmalzler. I find it to be sweeter and less smokey than the Brasil types from Bernard. It has deep rich notes of maple syrup, and I even taste the dried figs and dates that others have mentioned. Excellent with a hot cup of strong tea. Nice nicotine buzz."

"I'm new to snuff so i can only tell you from a newbie that this is a good choice. Very moist and clumpy, bordering on messy. It doesn't burn at all and is very smooth. It is like a nice dark milk stout only easier to put into my nose. I get figs and dark chocolate. I will definitely keep this in my normal rotation."

"I got this one in the mail a couple weeks ago, and I have to say, this is one of the best snuffs I have ever tried. It is a very dark brown color, and extremely moist (to the point it clumps up and sometimes gives me trouble snuffing.) The scent is hardly describable, but what I get most is a strong, sweet (but not overly-sweet at all) scent of dried fruits (dates or figs maybe? probably dates) and behind that scent are undertones of maple (strangely the maple smell isn't what comes off as sweet to me, its more like a smokey maple smell than of the syrup you use for pancakes.) Anyways, overall, this has been one of my top snuffs and I plan on buying this (among other Bernards) again and again."

"Its a favourite. Great flavours and scents, smokey, nutty. A little messy for
Public use, but after dinner just great. 20 mins of pure relaxation. I would
Recommend this snuff to all."

"Moist, coarse, with the color of coffee, and this is my first try at Schmalzler and I'm glad I went with this for my introduction. With a slight hint of freshly brewed coffee, the aroma of dates, figs and spice is a sensual experience in my nose. The aroma is especially noticeable when outside in fresh air, and however satisfying indoors as well. The flavor faded for me at about 20 minutes, but found that if I wiggle my nose a bit or pinch nostrils, the hint of flavor returns.The flavor, for lack of a better term, but is somewhat "exotic".
Easy to take, and being a beginner myself, I would recommend this to beginners."

"I like it ,this is what I use most,moist dark yummy tobacco, the burn is just right and I enjoy the drip. Don't know why you would blow this one out, and the nic hit is just great! I find it hard not to over do it; sooo good, the only downfall is I worry I will run out, can't tell how much is left, getting two next order. A tub of this would be grand."

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