FUBAR Willie Pete 25g

FUBAR Willie Pete 25g

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FUBAR Willie Pete is possibly the strongest snuff on the market. You will have to suspend your idea of conventional snuffing to partake. This particular blend offers the enthusiast the most extraordinary sensation associated to snuff taking. Described as a flame thrower up the nose, fire in the hole, the nasal sandstorm, or simply, 'aaaaaaaarrrghhhh!' Let us assure you there is no phosphorus in this product, although it does feel like it. Please take with caution.

"I suited up for Explosives Ordinance Disposal (EOD) detail as I cautiously approached my 25 gram tub of F.U.B.A.R. Willie Pete. I had heard this snuff was an incendiary blend, capable of igniting one's entire face with heat intense enough to melt dental work. Was I scared? Only a fool fails to give respect to a mixture so potentially devastating. Only a moron would throw caution to the wind. Damn right I was scared. But I was prepared.

Or was I?

Sanctified manure!! I screamed in agony as the first flash in the left nostril threatened to melt my entire face off.

With trembling fingers, I raised a second pinch, this time to the right nostril. Perhaps I am indeed a fool. I sniffed.

The doctors say that once the skin grafts have been completed, I should be ready to return to my unit.

Seriously, this isn't a candy snuff. It's not a namby-pamby weakling snuff. It takes both technique and more than a bit of courage to imbibe this brilliant snuff from F.U.B.A.R. Are the rewards worth the pain? Absolutely! First off, the Vitamin N will punch you squarely in the adrenal glands. You'll sweat and maybe even tremble a little. Once the heat has dissapated, you're left with the delicious F.U.B.A.R. base tobacco...and the memory of pain that will only make you stronger in the long run. Not for the timid, the beginner or the faint of heart, this is nonetheless a top-shelf snuff and one which every snuffer should try at least once. 5 out of 5."

"I give this 5 because its the most intense snuff i have tried yet. Not easy to take, extremely fine. Great mixer to intensify other snuffs. Its the Everclear or Graves of snuff. Had a fun night pushing the boundaries with this one. A friend and i kept testing each other to see who could do the biggest hit. :)"

"Ok, this one is difficult. It IS the most difficult snuff to take. Its an indian white for sure. Even more white, fine, and dry the White Elephant, which is difficult to take. That said, it does burn a bit and because it is so fine, the nicotine goes right to the brain...and also the throat if you aren't careful....make that very careful. I think the only way to avoid a throat hit is to almost rub it inside your nose. Its that brutal. Its almost funny, but wow is it powerful. I hear other people like to use it as a mixer, but the scent is a little weird that it alters what you are mixing it with, so I like it much much better by itself. Have this one with a cup of joe in the morning and you will start the day with a bang for sure! Give it a try for its novelty if anything. Its really White Elephant on steroids! A White Dinosaur!"

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