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White Fox Double Mint - Five Paw
White Fox Double Mint - Five Paw
White Fox Double Mint - Five Paw

White Fox Double Mint - Five Paw

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White Fox Double Mint - Nicotine Pouches

Strength: FIVE PAWS

The most flavoursome white fox to the pack is the White Fox Double Mint. This one is definitely one of the top white fox snus products

White Fox Snus Products are in a league of their own and routinely show just how superior they are in comparison to other nicotine pouches on quality, durability, flavour and nicotine delivery.

If you are a store owner and looking to sell White Fox Snus Products. See our Wholesale page. We ship worldwide.

Minty with a staggering amount of nicotine that packs a punch. This tobacco-free all white portions are in a league of their own
Extremely strong nicotine experience in dry chewing portion bags. Fast and powerful flavor release.
slim size for that well known feeling behind your lip.

  • Form:Portion
  • Type: Non-Tobacco
  • Manufacturer:GN Tobacco
  • Product Type:All White Portion
  • Moisture: Dry
  • Category: Mentholated
  • Nicotine level:16mg/g

How to use:

1- Place the portion or pouch between you top lip and gum

2- Feel the buzz

Note - if the hit is too strong simply take it out