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White Fox Full Charge - Six Paw - MaxNicotine
White Fox Full Charge - Six Paw
White Fox Full Charge - Six Paw

White Fox Full Charge - Six Paw

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White Fox Full Charge - Six Paw Nicotine Pouches

White Fox Full Charge is the strongest nicotine pouch on the market at the absolute maximum legal limit and will surely not disappoint.

Strength: SIX PAWS

This Fox is no puppy. Not a skinny mini either.
Max Nicotine and almost a full gram portion, this fat fox releases fast and hard.
Same great minty with a staggering amount of nicotine that packs a punch.
Tobacco-free all white portions are in a league of their own

Extremely strong nicotine experience in dry chewing portion bags. Great 'tingle'; fast and powerful flavor release.
The Full Charge portion is larger and fatter for more surface on the gum.

  • Form:Larger Portion
  • Type: Non-Tobacco
  • Manufacturer:GN Tobacco
  • Product Type:All White Portion
  • Moisture: Dry
  • Category: Mentholated
  • Nicotine level:16.5mg/g

How to use:

1- Place the portion or pouch between you top lip and gum

2- Feel the buzz

Note - if the hit is too strong simply take it out